The contract for a short term holiday rental will be between Church Farm Country Cottages Limited (referred to as “Church Farm Country Cottages” or “CFCC” or “we”) and the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party (referred to as “the customer” or “your” or “you” or “guests”) under the following booking conditions. UK law will govern the contract. The contract of hire is not effective until we have processed the deposit. The contract will be subject to these booking conditions and must be complied with. The party leader must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking and prior to arrival we must be provided with a list containing the names, ages, addresses and postcodes and contact details of all guests. You are responsible for all members of your booking party and they comply with our “Terms of Use” as set out below.


Bookings are CONFIRMED on receipt of the deposit of 30% of the booking cost. The deposit must be paid within 48 hours of the booking being placed. The balance of the rental will be due for payment 8 weeks prior to the booking commencement date. The booking should be paid within 3 days of receipt of the reminder. We reserve the right to cancel a holiday where payment has not been made within a week of notification of the balance being due. If the booking is made within six weeks of the holiday start date then payment will be due in full.


Cancellations must be notified to CFCC by phone and email and once received in writing we will confirm the cancellation request. The treatment of a cancellation will depend on:

a) the date the booking was made; and

b) when the cancellation is made.

You cannot change your booking to another named party without prior written consent of CFCC.

2.1 Bookings placed between 1st August 2020 and 8th January 2021 have cancellation protection cover under our Master Cancel policy if you cancel between 60 days and 2 days prior to arrival. This entitles you to a full refund. For full terms and conditions outlining the Master Cancel policy please email:

2.2 Bookings placed after 8th January 2021:

(i) These bookings are not cancellation protected.

It is the responsibility of the Lead Guest to acquire suitable travel insurance to cover their holiday, including Cancellation and Curtailment Protection Insurance.  We strongly recommend that you take out suitable insurance which will cover you for possible cancellation of your UK holiday. There are several suitable options which include cover for COVID-related cancellation (see below), or you can look for suitable cover on comparison sites such as  We are not selling, promoting, endorsing or recommending any particular product, and do not benefit financially or have any formal relationship with any of these providers.

If you choose not to take out suitable travel insurance you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.

(ii) If your booking has to be cancelled because CFCC is put under Government Restrictions and has to close and the period of closure covers your booking You will be refunded in full.

(iii) In the event that your given address is put into Local/Regional Lockdown, rendering You unable to travel, and the period of restriction covers your booking You will be refunded in full. 

 (iv) If your booking has to be cancelled because CFCC has to close through Force Majeure, meaning any of the following circumstances which may hinder or prevent the performance by us of the Contract, including but not limited to: acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster; epidemic or pandemic; terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations; nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom; any law or any action taken by a government or public authority, including without limitation imposing a restriction, prohibition, or failing to grant a necessary licence or consent; collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident; non-performance by our suppliers or contractors; and failure of utility service, and the period of closure covers Your booking You will be refunded in full.

(v) Customer inability (or the inability of any, some or all of Your intended party) or disinclination to travel to and stay at Church Farm Country Cottages for any reason.  

This includes – but is not limited to – illness (including Covid), a requirement or recommendation to self-isolate or quarantine, shielding, a call to jury duty, military service, incarceration, change in personal or work circumstances, family emergencies, travel delays, vehicle breakdown, and delays with public transport.  These remain at Your risk and do not give rise to a right to cancel or to receive a refund unless We re-let the property, other than according to the sliding scale below. You are strongly recommended to take out UK travel insurance to cover these eventualities. If you choose not to take out UK travel insurance, then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.

The table below refers to bookings of one cottage only (not including The Old Granary) to determine the amount of the charge, which shall be a percentage of the total cost of the stay:

Number of days before

start of holiday that notification

of cancellation is received*

The percentage of total booking value

payable by the guest

More than 2 calendar months


14 – 31 days


3-14 days


0-2 days


The table below refers to bookings for The Old Granary and/or two or more properties to determine the amount of the charge, which shall be a percentage of the total cost of the stay

Number of days before start of holiday that notification

of cancellation is received*

The percentage of total booking value

payable by the guest

More than 3 calendar months


2-3 calendar months


1-2 calendar months


3-30 days


0-2 days


(vi) On receipt of the cancellation, CFCC will then attempt to make a replacement booking. In the event that it is successful in obtaining a replacement booking, CFCC will refund to the guest the total amount paid by the guest for the booking less the 5% Booking Fee and less the difference in price between the guests booking and the replacement booking if one is made.

For example: A £600 booking, fully paid, cancelled 3 calendar months ahead of stay and relet for £500, means that the original guest will be refunded as follows, £600 – 5% booking fee equals £570, – £100 rebooking shortfall, = Refund of £470.

(vii) Cancellation by the owners: In the event of CFCC having to cancel a booking for any reason whatsoever, its liability will be limited to all monies paid by you to CFCC in respect of such booking, up to and including the date of cancellation. These monies shall be immediately returned to you upon any such cancellation occurring. For the avoidance of doubt, in no event shall CFCC be liable for any special, indirect, consequential or pure economic loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses incurred or suffered by you as a result of any such cancellation.


You agree to (a) leave your cottage in the same condition of cleanliness and tidiness as at the commencement of your hire; (b) to pay for any loss or damage caused by you, excluding reasonable wear and tear, during your occupation. Any items moved from other cottages must be returned to the appropriate cottage prior to departure. Cottagesmmust be secured (windows closed, doors locked, lights off, heating turned down) upon departure. CFCC reserves the right to charge for any missing or damaged items due to their relocation or from cottages being left unsecured upon guests’ departure.


Where 2 or more cottages are booked together we reserve the right to levy a cautionary deposit of £100 per cottage, or if The Old Granary is booked for a group, we reserve the right to levy a cautionary deposit of £500 incl. VAT. The deposit is required for the reimbursement of charges for any damage, breakages, exceptional cleaning costs and housekeeper’s time reallocating items moved between properties. The cautionary deposit will be taken by card as a ‘Pre-authorisation’ payment, just prior to, or on the day of, arrival. The deposit will not be accessible by the cardholder during which time any charges will be assessed when the housekeeping team cleans the property(ies). Charges will be deducted from the cautionary deposit but are not limited to the amount of that deposit. You should inform CFCC at the commencement of hire of any damage found on arrival. CFCC reserves the right to charge for any damage or missing items not reported by you on arrival. Should there be no damage or exceptional charges, the cautionary deposit will be credited in full to the cardholder’s account after 10 days.


If payment fails to reach CFCC in accordance with this contract, CFCC will notify you of this breach of contract and you will have 5 working days to remedy the breach. If the breach is not remedied and full payment not received within 7 days of the date of issue of the breach notice, CFCC reserves the right to cancel the booking, and will retain all deposits paid as compensation for the damages and any other costs incurring in connection with the contract. All properties booked will immediately be publicly advertised as being available for re-hire.


The owners reserve the right to terminate your stay if you or members of your group are believed to be causing a nuisance to the other guests or are not treating the property with due respect. You are expected to maintain reasonable standards of behaviour at all times whilst at Church Farm. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.


CFCC, our employees, contractors, cleaners and representatives shall not be liable to you or your party for anyloss or damage to persons or property howsoever arising. You must take all necessary steps to safeguard yourselves and your property. Nothing in this clause shall exclude or limit any liability that we are unable to limit or exclude by applicable law such as liability, for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.


Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons stated on our website occupy the properties except with our express written permission in which case we shall be entitled to charge an additional fee for example (for weddings and events). We reserve the right to refuse admittance or require you to leave our property or properties if this condition is not observed. Any persons other than members of your party must not use our accommodation or facilities.


The hire period commences at 4pm on the first day of hire and terminates at 10am on the last day of hire. Any significant delay in arrival should be notified to CFCC in order that arrangements can be made for entry into accommodation. Sunday departures may be extended until 9pm in the evening with the agreement of CFCC.


Smoking is not allowed inside any property, in the gardens, courtyards, car park or anywhere on site and CFCC reserves the right to charge for costs of cleaning and redecoration if smoking occurred.

11. PETS

We only allow dogs at a cost of £25 per dog, per week/part week, per cottage entered and only when they have been booked and paid for. We allow up to 2 dogs per property. The Old Granary can accommodate up to 3 dogs. No dogs are allowed in the bedrooms and bathrooms or onto the furniture or soft furnishings. Pets must not be left in the cottages/The Old Granary unattended.

Pets must be kept on a lead and under control at all times and must not be allowed to foul anywhere on the premises of CFCC. Accidental fouling must be removed immediately. We reserve the right to seek details of any dog(s) in advance and to refuse permission for them to be brought to the accommodation for any reason, including if they are considered unsuitable in character, size and behaviour, bark continuously or are liable to be a nuisance or danger to us, our neighbours or other guests and to local wildlife and livestock.

There will be consideration made to other guests on site and other dogs. We request that all dogs are kept on leads in the shared communal areas/gardens and patio areas of the cottages.

Dogs are not permitted in the games room or the swimming pool.

Please ensure you bring your own dog bedding.

If the property requires additional cleaning due to your dog please be aware that there will be a £50 fee to cover the cost.

Please respect and obey the Countryside code and keep your dog under control for the benefit of you, other dog walkers and livestock in fields nearby.


For the undertaking of necessary repairs, maintenance or inspections, CFCC has the right of entry to the property at all reasonable times. Prior notice will be given to you wherever possible and privacy will be respected at all times. CFCC or their appointed representatives, reserves the right to carry out viewings at the property during the guest’s stay.


You should take all reasonable care and obey the pool rules displayed at the poolside. Bathing alone is strictly forbidden. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your children whilst using the pool, as it is unsupervised. No lifeguard is in attendance. Children under the age of 16 years must be supervised. No additional guests are allowed to use the swimming pool without the prior permission of CFCC.


CFCC hopes you have an enjoyable stay. In the event of any problem arising on arrival or during your holiday, you should immediately bring this to the attention of CFCC or its representative and CFCC shall, at all times, endeavour to deal with any complaint promptly. CFCC regrets that claims for compensation cannot be considered after your stay has ended if there was no such prior notification.


CFCC and their representatives reserve the right to refuse admission or entry to the accommodation to all or any persons who cause a nuisance or damage to holiday accommodation or conduct themselves in an offensive or disorderly manner. CFCC may require all or any such persons to leave the accommodation, without refund and in such an event CFCC will not be liable for making any payment to you and will retain all monies paid by you.


Your vehicles and their accessories and contents, and any property and valuables you bring with you, are left entirely at your own risk. If you leave any property behind we use reasonable endeavours to return it to you although we reserve the right to charge you in advance for any reasonable postage or courier costs. We will dispose of any unclaimed property after 28 days.


CFCC is a working farm with livestock in our fields. The use of drones is not allowed without our express written permission. Fireworks and Night Lanterns are expressly forbidden.


All day visitors must be pre-agreed and their names and addresses given to CFCC.


The Old Granary has a gas barbecue. The cottages do not have a barbecue. Disposable barbecues must be placed on the paving slabs and not on the garden furniture.


These are available upon request at no additional charge but must be prebooked.

Guests need to supply their own bedding for cots.


We take appropriate measures to safeguard the information we hold from unauthorised access or improper use. Our database is stored in a secure, password protected location. Only users authorised by us have access to this data.

22. Wi-Fi

This service is provided free of charge to guests in consideration for your custom and your agreement to these terms and conditions. The use of Internet services is carried out at your own risk. We do not have responsibility for or controls over the services you access and do not guarantee any services are error or virus free. We have no responsibility for, or control over, the information that you transmit or receive via the service. We do not guarantee the availability of the service, the speed or that the service is compatible with the equipment or any software that you use. We reserve the right at all times to withdraw the service, to change access codes and passwords. You must not use the service to send or receive emails, which are defamatory, threatening or intimidatory or contain obscene or abusive language or material, which is unlawful or inappropriate.


Electric vehicle charging is currently not permitted from any site at Church Farm or the Old Granary.

The domestic three pin 13 Amp plug’s installed at Church Farm and the Old Granary do not have the required safety features and protections required for safely charging electric vehicles, as such there is an increased risk of fire and electric shock, these risks increase significantly when combined with the use of an extension lead.  Our insurance company does not cover us in the result of damage caused by charging electric vehicles from our 13 Amp plug’s.

The wiring regs (BS7671) have a very specific section in an amendment made in February 2020 regarding sockets that may be used for EV chargers. They must have one of: • an earth rod mesh • an earth rod network • or an earth rod that has an extremely low impedance They must meet the following requirements: • They must not be connected to the PME (Protected Multiple Earthing) system that will be in place in most properties • You must ensure a voltage of less than 70V rms between the vehicle and the ground. • It needs be a specific type of socket that allows the full 13A to be drawn with no damage, perhaps over a prolonged period of time, (so not a standard 13-amp socket and one that has EV stamped on the back). • You should never use a standard 13-amp socket as they are not rated for EV Charging. • This socket must be marked as an EV socket. • Each EV connection must have its own RCD-DD device which would disconnect the live, neutral and earth conductors from the vehicle in the event of a fault. Without such safety protocols being in place the body of the car could become live at any point, a normal 13A socket could catch fire, especially if that socket is close to a window and is in proximity to soft furnishings or curtains.

If guests are found to be charging electric vehicles then we reserve the right to terminate the booking with immediate effect and no refund.

Last Updated July 2022